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The Benefits of Equus Fly Veil; a Horse Fly Mask for Riding that Covers the Face & NECK

Unfortunately, it’s difficult for horses to swat away flying insects, especially on their face and neck while under saddle. Not only do flies and other flying insects, distract horses from performing at their best, they take away from the enjoyment and safety of your horseback riding experience.  When it comes to keeping your horse happy and your ride enjoyable, a horse fly mask is a necessity. The best part about Equus Fly Veil horse fly masks is that there are no cons; the mask will ensure no flying insects affect your horse while you are riding, and not just on their face, eyes and ears, but also their NECK!  It is the ultimate protective gear.

Benefits of horse fly masks from Equus Fly Veils include:

  • Increased safety while riding any disipline against biting insects. Investing in protection for your horse now can ensure more enjoyable rides, less head tossing and irritation of the horse.
  • Prevention of bug bites. Less bug bites means less irritation in sensitive areas such as eyes and ears.
  • Protection from harmful UV rays and dust. Shielding the sun from your horse will protect its eyes, allowing it to perform better.
  • A variety of sizes and styles. Finding the right mask for your horse can make a large difference in your horse’s performance and health.
  • Your horse will pay less attention to flies, focusing better on the task at hand. 
  • Maximum comfort without irritating skin. The wrong material or fit can be very uncomfortable for your horse.
  • The Equus Fly Veil is so comfortable and see through that your horse will barely notice it is there.  You can do any riding activity while your horse is wearing the Equus Fly Veil; trail riding, dressage, jumping, endurance riding, pleasure riding, etc.