Stop issues before they start. The Equus Fly Veil is a fly mask for horseback riding that covers the face and NECK. Our innovative product provides safety and deters bugs without sacrificing your horse’s comfort. The Equus Fly Veil is a fly mask that covers the full face (including the eyes and ears) in addition to the neck where annoying flying insects land the most. No more swishing flies off with a tree branch or fly swatter. The light weight, see through mesh on the fly mask allows you to ride any discipline in all seasons and areas where flying insects exist. It has sturdy Velcro closures and soft, elastic straps that clip to the saddle to allow for flexible movement while riding, yet ensures the riding hood stays in place. The Fly Veil is washable and offers moderate UV protection. Using the Equus fly mask when riding will keep your horse calm, comfortable and bug free. We accept credit cards at checkout and provide free shipping.